What do I have to do?

If you decide that you do want to buy more shares, then you should:

Speak to your mortgage advisor

Before you apply to us to staircase, make sure that you can get a mortgage for the share you want to buy. If you will still own less than 100% of your home, you must get our approval for any new mortgage before you take it out.

Appoint a solicitor

Staircasing will involve changes to your lease and your mortgage so you will need a solicitor. It's best to find a solicitor before you apply to staircase as you only have three months to complete your purchase once you receive our offer letter.

You will be responsible for paying your solicitor’s fees and any legal expenses. In some cases you may also have to pay Stamp Duty. Ask for a quotation before instructing the solicitor to proceed.

Request a valuation

Complete an enquiry form below. We will then arrange for an independent surveyor to value your home. You will have to pay for this valuation report.

Any application to staircase must be signed by all those who originally bought the property.

Complete the purchase

When we receive the valuation, we will write to you confirming the value of your property and the cost of the additional share you wish to buy. We will also advise you of your new rent and any service charge payments.

You will have three months from the date of the valuation to complete the purchase, otherwise a new valuation will be required at additional cost.

Please call us on 0345 450 3995 or email Admin@Platformhomeownership.com Alternatively you can complete the staircasing enquiry form if you would like further information.