Newlyweds Matthew and Kayleigh dreamed of a place of their own after living with Matthew’s parents for a number of years.

Getting a mortgage seemed to be impossible but when a friend told them about their fantastic experience with shared ownership, they decided to find out more.

Matthew said: “We knew we didn’t want to rent and discovered shared ownership meant we could get everything we wanted at a price we could afford.”

Through Platform Home Ownership they have moved into a new housing development on Sunningdale in Mablethorpe, a popular seaside resort, where a number of 2 and 3-bedroom family houses are available through shared ownership.

“We love the location and getting a brand new house has been a real bonus! We were surprised how spacious the rooms are, our bedroom is massive and the garden isn’t too small.”

Mablethorpe, like many places, is an area where rising property prices often outstrip local wages. Matthew and Kayleigh think shared ownership is a great way to help people to stay in their local communities where they work and have family and friends.

There’s nothing better than having your own house

”We have our own space that we can decorate how we like and that feels like ours. I’ve always lived with my parents so I’ve never had this before but now I know there’s nothing better than having your own house.”

The couple started out with a 25% share but plan to increase their shares in the property as they go along. They really value the security and independence shared ownership has given them.

“We’d absolutely recommend shared ownership. It’s so much cheaper than renting or getting an outright mortgage. You know your landlord is not going to kick you out in six months’ time and if I paint a wall or put a floor down it’s actually ours. A big thing for us is that we can live here as long as we want.”