Decorating your new build home for Christmas

10 November 2021

There’s something very exciting about spending your first Christmas in you’re a new home, you’ll finally be wrapping things up as presents rather than for the removal van!

With the festive excitement of Christmas and decorating surround us here at Platform Home Ownership, we thought we’d share some tips on decorating your new build home for Christmas, so you don’t need to make any emergency trips to B&Q…

  1. Treat your plaster work with care – new build homes often require a little longer for the plaster work to completely dry out, so if you’ve been in your new home for less than 12 months, take care not to wall mount any heavy or chunky decorations until your home has had at least a year to settle in.
  2. Test new chemicals or products on a small, less visible area first. Before blasting your windows with fake snow or stickers on walls test a small area. If anything causes damage or discolouration, you can avoid using it in more prominent areas and save yourself the repairs in January!
  3. Match decorations with your new décor, and don’t forget to share photos with us! You may have accumulated Christmas decorations that will no longer fit, or work in your new home, don’t be afraid of incorporating new decorations to fit your homes colour themes or styles.
  4. Look for new opportunities, if you have moved from a smaller home and have more space now, experiment with new areas to decorate. Staircases in our Platform homes look great with low energy fairy lights and garlands.
  5. Consider your neighbours when decorating the exterior of your property. Avoid anything excessively bright that might shine into surrounding properties, but also have fun – wooden sleighs and wicker reindeers work great as a more subtle exterior decoration, along with some warm lights.
  6. Don’t forget to consider practicality. Check your plug sockets to make sure there’s no trip hazards for your tree lights, ensure your decorations can fit comfortably in your home without restricting too much space.

We’re thrilled for all our Shared Owners to be able to enjoy a cosy Christmas in your new home and from all of us at Platform, Merry Christmas!