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Making Changes To Your Home

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We know everyone will want to make changes to their home to make it their own, if you're a Shared Owner you may be wondering what changes you can, and cannot make to your home

Changes you do not need to inform us of:

  • Decorating, including painting
  • Putting things on the walls
  • Putting new carpets/flooring down

Types of changes you need to let us know about:

We ask that any substantial changes that wish to be made to the property you let us know. Changes will generally be approved providing that the work you are planning does not impact the value or safety of your home.

Feeling like a little DIY?

Wondering what kind of alterations you can make in your home? Our expert Sales Consultant breaks it down here!

Unsure? Contact our team on 0333 200 7304 for assistance.

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