Gordon & Catherine, Birmingham

Gordon and Catherine

Gordon and Catherine had been renting a home with Platform Home Ownership for almost 15 years, but just before Christmas they moved into their own new home with their daughter.

“We didn’t think we would ever be in a position to own our own home but with shared ownership it’s possible,” said Gordon.

“We have a 45% share, which suits us as we would never be able to have full mortgage. It’s a great option for those on a low income who want more security.”

They love their new home as it is nicely laid out, pristine, spacious and has got a nice back garden. They think the move from being renting tenants to shared owners is the best one they’ve ever made.

“I’d recommend it to anyone, it’s more affordable than you think," says Gordon. "The process was easy and despite a little bit of hiccup with completion, it has all been straight forward.”