Jacki, Gainsborough

Jackie in front of her house

After a divorce, Jacki found herself worrying about where she would live once her family home had been sold and the proceeds split between her and her ex-husband.

“I’m disabled and unable to work, so panicked about what I would do. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a full mortgage as I’m on a disability pension.”

After spending a lot of time researching the options available to her, Jacki came across shared ownership and found a property on the Platform Home Ownership website that she loved, in an area she wanted to live in.

With the lump sum she received from the sale of her former home, she was able to buy a 25% share and has never been happier.

Happiness is a home

“I’m happy for the first time in a long time thanks to being able to move into this house. With shared ownership I now have the security of knowing I can stay here for as long as I want and treat it as my own home.”

Jacki loved her new home from the moment she saw it and knew it was perfect for her and would meet her needs, particularly as the downstairs toilet would make life much easier. The area is quiet and she has a garden just the right size for her to manage. She was also relieved to know that her pets, six cats and a dog, would be able to live with her, unlike in many rented properties.

“You hear so many things about social housing, but I live on a mixed development and feel safer and happier here than I did for 30 years living in an area where everyone was outright buyers. I’m also reassured that I can leave my share to my daughter so she will never be homeless - she will always have a roof over her head even if I’m not around.”

Jacki found the process of buying through Platform Home Ownership “amazing” as the team were there to support her at every step of the way and even now, are at the end of the phone if she needs them.

“The staff at Platform home Ownership have been awesome. They’ve been so helpful, for example letting me have the keys before I could move in so I could start to move some of my belongings in. With my disability I could never have done it all in one day.

“I’d recommend shared ownership to anyone, but especially to anyone who’s gone through a divorce and has to make a choice about where to live next."