Kevin, Cannock

Kevin purchased a two bedroom semi-detached house on our Monarch Park development as a home for himself and part time for his son when he comes home from University.

“The property is really nice and it’s in an area and town that I know extremely well, having attended school here," says Kevin. "Cannock Chase, 30 odd square miles of forestry and an area of outstanding natural beauty, is about 100 yards away so it’s really fantastic."

Ideal opportunity

Kevin says shared ownership was an ideal opportunity for him. “With the proceeds from the sale of my former home following the breakdown of my marriage, I don’t have enough to buy a property outright,” he explains. “And with my advancing years I don’t have time to take on a big mortgage of 25 or 30 years or more.

“So the opportunity to buy a share in a property, and feel it is my home and I can do pretty much as I want in terms of decor etc... but knowing that I have still got the security of Platform Home Ownership to ensure the development is maintained in the right way, is pretty strong comfort to me.”

Sense of community

Kevin is confident that the Monarch Park will soon become a thriving new community.

He says: “I think because we’re going to have a mix of people who live in private homes, people who have rented property and people like me who live in shared ownership, and the wide age range on the development, means that it will develop a new sense of community. This really seems to be the way forward.”