Laura & Michael, Skegness

Children playing outside

For Laura and Michael, security and freedom are the main benefits of owning your own home – and shared ownership helped them achieve it.

The couple, who have two young sons, were renting and had been looking for a property for some time when Michael, a plumber, started work on our new development in Lumley Fields.

“We couldn’t afford a full mortgage, so shared ownership offered us a chance to get onto the property ladder,” says Laura. “We really wanted to live on this development as it was close to friends, family and the boys’ school. And the houses were similar to the one we were renting, so we knew they would suit our needs.”

Unfortunately, when the couple first enquired all the houses had been sold, but two months later Platform Home Ownership called them back to say one of the sales had fallen through.

“Platform Home Ownership were really good throughout and the buying process was quite simple and straightforward,” says Laura. “I would recommend shared ownership to anyone that can’t afford a full mortgage but has a deposit. It gives you much more freedom than renting – you don’t have to ask to paint walls and can decorate your home to make it your own.

“We feel happy and settled knowing we’ve got the security of owning our own home. We intend to buy bigger shares and ultimately own it outright.”