Matthew, North Hykeham


Hotel manager Matthew has found moving into a shared ownership home has given him his independence and a new hobby!

Living with his parents, Matthew feared he would never be able to afford a place of his own until he noticed a new development of homes over the road from his parents’ house. There was a banner advertising shared ownership properties with Platform Home Ownership and Matthew decided to find out more.

The buying process was very straight forward. Matthew applied for a shared ownership property online, was offered one and then got a mortgage for a 35% share.

A good way to get started

“I’d recommend shared ownership to anyone as a good way to get started on the property ladder as you can increase ownership as you go along. I know I’m paying some rent but this way some of the money I’m paying is investing in something, whereas just paying rent is like money going down the drain.”

Matthew loves the fact that his new home is his own, a place he can put his own stamp on and decorate in the way he wants.

When he applied for a property, there were only two left and unfortunately he didn’t get his first choice. However, he ended up with a corner property with a bigger garden which now suits him perfectly as he has discovered a love of gardening!