William & Rita, Gainsborough

William and Rita sitting on their sofa

William and Rita turned to shared ownership to provide a comfortable home for their retirement.

The couple were living in their own park home but wanted somewhere more suitable as they grew older. They could not afford to buy a house outright, but found out about shared ownership from a neighbour who had just bought from Platform Home Ownership.

“Initially we were offered two different developments and we chose Gainsborough as it seemed the most convenient for what we needed,” says William.

Unfortunately, it took the couple two years to sell their park home so they lost their original choice. But, once they were ready to move, Platform Home Ownership was able to offer them another.

“The buying process went pretty smoothly and we were pleased with how Platform Home Ownership handled things,” said William. “We were also very impressed with the way the property was presented - immaculately clean and carpeted, which made it a lot easier to move in. Having a shed was also a real help.

“Shared ownership has worked out well for us. It has given us more freedom by freeing up our finances, and leaving us enough money over to buy new furniture.

“I would recommend it.  It’s just disappointing that there are not more shared ownership homes to offer a bigger choice.”

William and Rita outside their house