Shared Ownership

Meet Melissa, second time Shared Ownership buyer

February 09, 2024 1 minute

Melissa was able to return to Shared Ownership 12 years later to find the perfect home!

Melissa has been on the property ladder for 12 years, originally buying through Shared Ownership and then moving to Outright Sale, Melissa returned to Shared Ownership after a change in circumstances and was able to find the ideal home for her. 

Shared Owner, Melissa

Hear Melissa's Full Buyer Story

Melissa's Story

'Shared Ownership buying was less stressful than buying outright because you have got somebody helping you along the way'

Melissa was a second time Shared Owner

Melissa Outside
Melissa Interior

finding her new home with Platform

Melissa's Story

Melissa's circumstances changed and found Shared Ownership was still there to provide that extra help on owning a home. This time she was able to purchase a larger percentage of her home but it was still affordable to her going forward.

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