Shared Ownership

Meet Mick and Lynn, retired and thriving in their Shared Ownership home

January 22, 2024 1 minute

Shared Ownership helped Mick and Lynn find their dream home after retiring!

Mick and Lynn were able to move near their children in Warwick, through Shared Ownership

Mick & Lynn Buyer Story

Hear Mick and Lynn's full buyer story

Mick and Lynn wanted to move back to Warwick and upsize, and looking at Shared Ownership helped them achieve that in their retirement.

Mick and Lynn found their home

Mick and Lynn 1
Mick and Lynn Garden

through Shared Ownership

'Platform gave us a choice to do something we wouldn't have been able to do'

Mick and Lynn didn't know anything about Shared Ownership, through researching where they would spend their retirement they found Platform and the Shared Ownership properties that suited them, and their family.


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