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Discover more about the Yorkshire & the Humber and the houses for sale in Yorkshire & the Humber we have available.

As one of the leading housing associations in the UK, Platform has a number of developments across the country in key regions including Yorkshire. 

The largest cities across the region include Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Hull and York, all of which are nestled amongst huge stretches of beautiful green spaces such as the Yorkshire Dales and the Pennines.

While Yorkshire has a largely industrial and manufacturing history, Leeds in particularly has quickly evolved into a centre of financial services companies and hosts some of the biggest UK headquarters in the country. 

With many of the major cities across the region growing into exciting new destinations filled with amenities, the area is extremely popular with homebuyers who want opportunity and affordability. 

Here at Platform, we specialise in helping buyers seeking houses for sale in Yorkshire & the Humber through affordable home ownership schemes such as shared ownership.

Since you can buy a new build house in Yorkshire with just a 5% deposit on your share, shared ownership in Yorkshire is a much more affordable alternative to buying outright.

Below you can explore all of the shared ownership houses for sale in the Yorkshire and learn more about why places such as Leeds or Sheffield may be ideal for you.

Shared Ownership Homes in Yorkshire & the Humber

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Why buy a house in Yorkshire & the Humber

If you’re considering buying a house in Yorkshire & the Humber, we have a range of information about the area to help you make your decision. 

Yorkshire offers some of the best quality of life in the UK and residents typically love having a mix of stunning countryside and energetic cities to hand - whether you’re spending a day at the coast, soaking in the views of the Yorkshire Dales or shopping in Leeds.

While it’s exceptionally popular with homebuyers and has seen populations rise year-on-year, Yorkshire is still much more affordable than the South, where the cost of homebuying has priced many people out of the market. 

Houses for sale in Yorkshire have risen in price by around 59% - translating to £76,000 - since 2013. 

With the average house price in Yorkshire now around £203,500, it remains one of the most affordable regions compared to its counterparts in the South.

Outside of house prices, Yorkshire can also offer a slower, more relaxed pace of life that many people prefer to the bustle of other major cities or urban regions. There is an abundance of great schools across Yorkshire and as cities such as Sheffield and Leeds expand, an increasing number of great job opportunities. 

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