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Shared Ownership Mortgage Calculator

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Shared Ownership Affordability Calculator

Get an idea of how achievable home ownership can be.

To understand your own affordability for Shared Ownership, enter your details below and estimated costings will be calculated automatically.

How to use the affordability calculator

We've make working out affordability for Shared Ownership as simple as we possibly can with this calculator, but you'll need to have a few things to hand to get started.

  1. The price of the property you are considering
  2. The minimum share available to purchase
  3. what percentage you have available as a deposit

Each of our available schemes will include all of the information you should need for the above, on the dedicated development page and our downloadable brochures.

Each scheme has a 'From price' when you search for available properties in your area, if you want to discuss this with a member of our team you can submit an enquiry on the property and we'll get back to you.

Making adjustments to your calculations

The great thing about Shared Ownership is we often find our buyers can afford more then they initially thought. So once you've entered your figures, you can toggle with the results to explore different purchasing options.

*Please note that these calculations are an indication only, and may differ based on current interest rate and lenders. We continue to update the default figures to keep them as accurate as possible.

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Search available properties

If you're ready to take the next steps towards owning your own home, use our property search to see what's available in your area.