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Staircasing Calculator

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Check your Staircasing affordability

As a Shared Ownership home owner, you have the option to Staircase (buy more of your property) and depending on  your lease, have the opportunity to own 100% of your property.

Use our simple Staircasing calculator below to work out what your new rent payment would be on the remaining share of your property so you can compare it to what your new mortgage payment would be.File:Straight line.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

‘What can I afford’ calculator (Staircasing)

Please enter percentage of shares currently owned (numeric, range 0 to 99, less than Staircasing to)
Please enter current rent amount (monthly, numeric)
Please enter percentage you wish to staircase to (numeric, range 1 to 100, greater than Shares currently owned)

Your Results

£0.00 Is your estimated monthly rent on the 0.00% remaining share of your property.

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