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Video FAQs

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Do you feel confused about the Shared Ownership process? Are you struggling with legal language used by solicitors? Are you having trouble understanding mortgage terms? We’ve got you covered.

Our videos have been created with our customers in mind, addressing the common challenges you may encounter along the way.

Shakespeare Martineau - Solicitor Advice & Conveyancing

Just like buying a house on the open market, going through the Shared Ownership process can be daunting. We have collaborated with a trusted law firm specialising in property, including Shared Ownership, to help you along the way.

Cost of Legal Fees

A breakdown of the costs associated with buying a home through Shared Ownership.

Why Buy from a Housing Association?

Property law experts discuss what you are buying when you purchase a home through a housing association.

Troubleshooting Your Home

When things go wrong at home, there may be a simple solution that you can carry out by yourself. We have teamed up with Platform Property Care to provide you how-to videos with clear instructions for common issues that can occur in your home.


What to do in a powercut

The best steps to take when you lose power.

How to replace a light bulb

Step-by-step instructions on how to change a lightbulb.

Gas & Heating

Resetting your boiler

If you have no heating or hot water, and your boiler is showing an error code. You may need to reset your boiler.

How to bleed a radiator

Learn how to bleed a radiator for when air gets trapped in your heating system.

Repressurising your boiler

Is your boiler indicating low pressure? Learn how to repressurise your boiler to ensure it's working correctly.

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