Shared Ownership

Meet Helena, who purchased her first home through Shared Ownership

January 22, 2024 1 minute

Shared Ownership helped Helena get her foot on the property ladder! 

Helena is a first time buyer with Platform and here's her story on how she found her freedom with Shared Ownership.

Helena and Alice

Hear Helena's full buyer story

Helena's Story

'Alice was brilliant from the onset, it was the first time i was moving into a place of my own and going through a mortgage and Alice was really great at reassuring me and communicating throughout'

Helena became a home owner

Helena's Home
Helena's House

through Shared Ownership

Helena's Buyer Story

Helena is an A&E nurse who never thought she'd have a place of her own, but through Shared Ownership she has been given independence and the opportunity to have her own home. After speaking with her mortgage advisor she was introduced to Shared Ownership and felt it was the perfect way to enter the property ladder.

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